Client Benefits

"Time is what we want most, but what we use worst."
- William Penn

Each Sylvester, Oppenheim & Linde client starts with 3 significant benefits:

  1. Because of our business and trial experience, we can tell our clients how their matter is most likely to turn out. No promises, but a clear picture of probable results in trial & non trial scenarios. A litigator just can’t do that.

  2. We understand the value of time and that understanding permeates all that we do. Also, we understand that the time our client spends dealing with their legal problem is time taken away from effectively running their business.

  3. Unlike most litigators, we won’t waste time and money sending nasty, meaningless letters. When the opposing party’s litigator sends them to us, we don’t even respond to most of them because it’s a waste of time and client’s money. We have even seen letters from the opposing party’s litigator that placed their client in a WORSE, sometimes unrecoverable position, which of course we always utilize to our client’s benefit.

We counsel prospective clients to always hire a trial attorney. We believe it is in their best interest, provides better value and will lead to a more prompt resolution.

If you have questions about trial attorneys, litigators or your legal matter, feel free to call us at 818-461-8500. And remember time is of the essence in legal matters.