Commercial Real Estate

"The future of your legal problems will be reached at the rate of 60 minutes per hour.  The action you take today determines how your future will be defined."
- Richard Oppenheim

Commercial Real Estate: Landlord tenant issues, unlawful detainer or eviction, tenant improvement, rightful use of commercial property, etc.

As a business owner, manager or professional, it is only a matter of time before you are involved in a legal problem related to commercial real estate. Whether you own or lease the property in which your business operates, there are countless issues that could lead to lawsuits.

SO&L has been involved in resolving commercial real estate issues for owners, landlords and tenants. Since leases are contracts, there are often allegations of contract disputes and breaches. Also involved could be any combination of the following: CC&R disputes, title defects, evictions, zoning, liens, disclosure, encroachments, easements, nuisances (I.E. noise, smoke, odor), adverse possession, sublease terms/problems, mold, loss of use, boundary disputes, as well as about 15 other potential issues.

When real estate matters do not exist or are unseen, things run smoothly for years. But when they arise, they often complicate and/or restrict the operation of your business for years.

Because Real estate litigation is often complex and includes a variety of issues involving real property, finance, contracts, and torts, we recommend that you contact SO&L today to preserve your rights and position. Remember, at SO&L case evaluations are always provided at no charge.

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