Contract Disputes

"Lost Time is never found again."
- Benjamin Franklin

When a party (company or individual) engages in conduct (usually fraudulent or dishonest) that causes another person or company to break a contract, or said conduct interferes with another’s economic advantage or expectations, they have committed a business tort. Often this conduct involves business disparagement or business slander for tortious interference with contractual or prospective economic advantage. This conduct is a violation of law, and we believe our business clients should be fully compensated under these circumstances.

Many business owners do not know that contracts do not have to be in writing to be valid. SO&L attorneys represent clients in disputes involving written, verbal and contracts implied by the conduct of the parties.

Business torts are more complex than typical contract disputes. Business torts are more complex because they typically include issues such as; multiple layers of relationships, extensively detailed contracts, and conflicting, sometimes rare, legal terms and conditions. That’s where SO&L attorneys excel.

Whether someone (often your competitor) is committing Tortuous Interference with Contract or Prospective Economic Relations against your business, or another party is claiming that you have intentionally or unintentionally committed tortuous interference against them, contact SO&L today. Your actions today, tomorrow and beyond may have expensive consequences regardless of which side you are on.

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