Professional Malpractice

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Professional Malpractice against licensed professionals including Real Estate Agents & Brokers, Accountants, Architects, Engineers, Lawyers

Professional malpractice involves the intentional and/or negligent conduct of professionals in the normal course of performing services for their clients.

Malpractice is frequently based on a claim that the professional was negligent in some way which caused damage to the client. This may also be a result of intentional acts including but not limited to fraud, deceit or less than complete disclosure of pertinent facts.

A key factor in the malpractice issue is the Standard of Care. A professional is expected and required to exercise a degree of care in accord with the skill and knowledge required of a prudent member of his or her profession.

The challenge encountered by most clients wondering whether or not malpractice occurred is that the issue of Standard of Care is usually subjective to the client. When you call SO&L, our experience in malpractice matters will provide you with the objectivity needed to choose a course of action.

As attorneys, timeliness is part of our Standard of Care. That’s why we urge anyone with a legal problem to contact us now for an evaluation, and that’s why we offer evaluations at no charge. When the clock runs out on your rights and options, it’s always bad news.

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