The Value of Time

"Time can work for you or against you in legal matters.  Time is passing whether you are taking action or not."
- Richard Oppenheim

THE VALUE OF TIME....Yours and ours

Our firm has been providing litigation and trial expertise since 1983. While we understand the value of great relationships with our clients, we also understand the true Value of Time. While most attorneys understand the value of the billable hour, our clients tell us that we also understand;

  • The value of the time and energy spent in litigation not only from an hourly perspective but also the negative effects on our clients' businesses in terms of added stress to the owners and management team and added financial strain

  • The value of each hour invested in litigation and striving to ensure that every hour will move the client closer to successful resolution

  • The negative value and effect of time passing without action: Because legal matters almost never improve with age, our clients benefit from being guided forward and see the detriment of standing still. There is no status quo in litigation. We are either progressing or we are losing. Time is of the essence!